Livelihood interventions

Livelihood promotion is a set of development based interventions that involve improving the resilience of household livelihoods so that food and other basic needs can be met on a sustainable basis Interventions of this type entail strategies such as diversifying livelihoods strategies; creating alternative income.

Improving livelihood promotion

In light of the tensions caused within some communities as a result of household-level targeting in food aid programming, it was decided that the project would give equal levels of assistance to each household in the targeted villages. Villages were selected according to the following criteria.

  • Food security: so that households would not use the assistance to buy food, it was essential that people enjoyed minimal levels of food security.
  • Degree of mortality and damage.
  • Degree of household poverty and vulnerability.
  • Multi-sector approach: other Save the Children sectors should
    be working in the village, to ensure maximum outreach capacity and pre-existing relationships.
  • Overlap: avoid areas where other agencies were doing similar work